The Top 2020 Wedding Trends Aimage source: Green Wedding Shoes

I am excited to see where the top 2020 wedding trends will take the future brides this year. Color is making a bold comeback. From the different but color-coordinated bridesmaid dresses to unexpected palettes, this is the year for all the color-loving couples. But as you might expect—while some trends are over-the-top, others settle in with the opposite approach. Micro weddings are totally in, and off-the-grid elopements are here to stay. Keep reading to learn all about the top 2020 wedding trends!

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You have known that brides needn’t always wear white for some time now. However, more of them are choosing an evening gown over a bridal style than ever before. Brides, who rocked an amazing evening gown for their wedding, have inspired 2020 couples to take more risks when it comes to wedding fashion. If that means customizing a bridal gown with embellishments or choosing a ready-to-wear from an iconic designer, this is your one chance to go ALL out.

I love that brides are stepping away from traditional dresses and are going for something more colorful and bold with their gowns! Whether they are playing with color or going for something more fashion-forward, brides are looking for a gown that is truly a statement on its own.


Branded wedding design will continue to be a trend that proliferates through weddings. Starting with the aesthetics and colors used on the wedding website, through to the paper products. The interpretation of that design can take shape creatively through the day-of elements. Embroidered napkins, custom impressions on ceramics, embossed tags, textiles for lounge vignettes, and the list goes on.

Investing in a talented stationery designer won’t just get you a pretty paper suite. It is basically a jumping-off point for every aspect of your day. Everything from florals to the bridal party can be inspired by this element!


When does an elopement become a micro wedding? It is no surprise that the rise in elopements (thanks, Instagram!) has led to couples becoming more comfortable saying “no” to a big wedding if they simply don’t want it. These stripped-down weddings ensure that the couple gets everything they want. Whether that is an off-the-grid adventure or an expertly styled event that they wouldn’t otherwise afford.


Brides are becoming more comfortable inviting their bridesmaids to get creative with their wedding looks. You have to imagine this is pretty tough to pull off, but when it works, it REALLY works. It is like the mismatched trend’s next step.


Sure, crafty brides have always loved color, but this year it is getting a more sophisticated upgrade. Couples are enlisting talented designers to help them bring color into their day, whether in paper elements or other decors. Mixing these fun hues with natural elements allows you to refine the look.


Floral installations have been a major trend for a few years now, usually in terms of big bouquets and massive ceremony arches. Now, couples are opting for less decor and more flowers to fill their reception spaces. A 2020 trend and the foreseeable future is definitely: floral installations. Brides want to put the bulk of their budget into a show-stopping install—those that hover over the reception or take people’s breath away when they walk in to find their seats for the ceremony. If you can, it’s fun to adorn existing foliage at your venue, too!


Guests love a good champagne tower and they sure make for some epic photos. All for the resurfacing of this one, too!