Bridal Tips for Staying Cool at Your Summer Weddingimage source: Barefoot Floral


Hosting your wedding day in the summer months can be magical, tropical, and downright ethereal. However, one obstacle faced with throwing your wedding in warmer temperatures is undeniably sweating! Hot temperatures and sun-drenched events mean melted makeup, devastated updos, and sweat-soaked gowns. To prevent some of these summer catastrophes from coming to light and out of your day of photos below are the best tips to help guarantee a day that stands up to even the most extreme of weather conditions.

When in doubt, go with the experts

Wedding makeup artists know all the tricks to get the makeup to stay throughout sweat and tears and a 12-hour day. Don’t be afraid to have your makeup artist come back midday for a freshening up if the day is particularly humid, just after the ceremony and before the reception.

Start prepping pre-ceremony

Start your beauty routine in a cool room to keep your body temperature down while getting ready. This will keep your facial pores and hair from absorbing too much product, and as the last step of primping, you can set your style to stay put for the rest of the evening. After your makeup has been applied, set the look with a spray to keep everything locked in place.

Embrace the indoors for portraits

A great way to keep cool on a hot summer day is to opt to do some bridal portraits indoors. Make sure space has plenty of great, natural light.

Keep in mind the style of your dress

If you envision your wedding reception to be a July summer dance party under the stars, you should consider a simple, lightweight wedding dress for your wedding day. The gown should let you move, but have touches of romance. The lightness of your gown will complement the warm temperature, as well as allowing you to rock the dance floor without compromising timeless style and elegance.

Shade yourself and your ceremony

When planning out the ceremony, if outside, look to see where there is the most amount of shade, then see about having the ceremony in that spot vs. somewhere directly in the sunlight at that hour. Consider wearing a chic hat during your day to accessorize your bridal style as well as create your own shade from the summer heat.

Design your day around the sun

Design the ceremony space with the idea of the direction of the sun in mind so it isn’t shining directly on you during the ceremony, unless it is closer to sunset because you want that. It is important to talk to your photographer about your concerns or even going for a night ceremony. A skilled photographer will know how to capture those poignant moments from all the right angles, and know-how to post-process them.

Keep cool with an updo

During those warm summer days, you not only have to consider overheating but what the humidity or wind can do to your hair. It is often recommended to brides they wear their hair up because it helps keep you cool, accentuates the neck and shoulder lines while also maintaining the integrity of your style throughout the day.