My goals for the year ahead…

This post was meant to go up so much earlier but here we are… almost through January! I never really set resolutions, although I suppose the yearly goals I jot down could be considered the same thing. The difference is that I am not looking to change myself too much or set unrealistic targets that I won’t stick to. I am old enough to know better by now! Instead, my goals for the year ahead tend to be more milestones or plans I would like to see set in motion for the year ahead. Realistic and achievable hopes for the coming months that I can slowly work towards so I am always making some sort of progress.

This year I do hope to see a lot of change, I have always been someone who is constantly plotting and planning. I like to feel like I am always moving forward, I like dates in my diary and plans to look forward to. After two years of very little happening, I am ready to shake things up a bit!

Aim For Change

I feel like really pushing myself to do something different this year, especially after looking back at last year and realizing we didn’t really do anything of note! I mean, did anyone?? But even so, I feel like I have this itching to do something big! A lifestyle change hopefully, perhaps becoming a family of three. After over a decade of living together as a couple, I feel like we are ready to take the next step. Fingers crossed our plan falls into place because I feel like it is time we had a new adventure!

Set Some Sustainable Goals

I have always been quite a conscious person, I grew up in an environment where nothing was wasted, everything was reused, repurposed, or recycled in some form. I still have a lot of that mentality but somewhere along the way I picked up bad habits too, and while I don’t think environmental change fully falls on us, I do think there is a lot we can do to set this change in motion.

So many planet-friendly actions that I stick to are obvious to me; using a reusable water bottle, eating plant-based meals a few times a week, donating unwanted clothes and home items, buying second-hand where possible, rewearing outfits, and making the effort to recycle.

That said, there is also a lot I could do better. This year I am hoping to cut down on the fast-fashion brands I wear, avoid promoting mass consumerism on social media, and encourage rewearing outfits and buying second-hand to name a few! There are some things on my list of sustainable goals that are more manageable than others, but I am hoping that I can educate myself and as a result live in a more conscious way.

A New Project

I say this every year – sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t! I am a big believer in waiting for the right time, and so far nothing has come my way that fits. This time last year I was so full of ideas and dreams, a product of lockdown boredom that never really amounted to much. I think we can probably all relate to that!

Hopefully this year I am kept busy with something new, a project that is different than my usual day-to-day job, or something that will bring some new challenges. I feel quite restless at the moment (if that isn’t already obvious!) so this is a goal that sits high on my list for 2022!

More Weekends Away

I am desperate to see more of Greece, and weekend breaks are my new favorite thing. We have seen a fair bit of the islands (although not enough for my liking!) but not a lot of inland, and I have a whole list of dreamy country houses, eco-friendly cabins, and seaside hotels saved that I would love to explore this year!

Of course, in true Violeta spirit, I have a list of small goals I want to achieve this year too – like reading at least 30 books, shopping locally, avoiding Amazon where possible, keeping a tidier and more organized flat, and using my time more wisely too. No more late-night scrolling on social media!

I want to make our bed comfier (new bedding is needed!), spend more time outdoors, and drink less caffeine (and alcohol for that matter!). Go for a walk regularly because I love it, cook more often, and make use of my evenings rather than just chilling on the sofa!

I love this time for feeling motivated, hopeful, and inspired – January is such a miserable month if you don’t have anything to look forward to! What are your goals for the year ahead?