How to Select Your Wedding Music

Let’s get real, there are a lot of wedding planning tasks that are less than fun. The good news is that the song selection for your wedding reception does not have to be one of those daunting tasks.

In fact, you can make the process into some really fun dates! Set aside a day to listen to wedding playlists, research perfect songs for certain moments, and listen to all of “your songs” with your fiancé. Is there anything more romantic than cuddling and listening to songs about love for the big moments in your wedding? The only thing that could make it more romantic is if you also danced to some of the songs, which I highly recommend!

Tips For Selecting Your First Dance Song

Not every couple has a definitive signature song when they start planning their wedding – but don’t get discouraged. Try taking a mental journey through the highlight moments of your relationship – from exciting travel adventures to a memorable date night. If you can remember any music playing in the background that holds some significance, it may be the perfect song for your first dance.

Otherwise, think about what you both enjoy listening together. It could be an artist you discovered together or someone you or your fiancé have loved for years. Enjoy a night of browsing their albums to find a song that reflects the two of you in the best possible way – maybe it’s a popular classic or a modern rendition of a  favorite artist you both grew up listening to.

Tips For Selecting Parent Dance Songs

Take some time to remember the most poignant moments of your childhood and whether there was a song or musical artist that you associate with those memories. Perhaps your family took a road trip across the country and heard a song in the car that was tied to a vivid memory of your adventure together. Or, it could be an album that was always playing in the background when your mother or father was preparing dinner or working outside in the garden.

It can sometimes be difficult to find that perfect tune – one that also complements your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to get inspired by what you love and create a new favorite song. Perhaps there is an artist that your mother/father took you to see in concert that you still love to this day. Browse their albums together to find the type of song that resonates with you and that you can envision fitting perfectly on your wedding day.

Tips For Selecting a Band/DJ

I find that music is usually near the top of that “the only thing we care about is” list. There is really only one question to keep in mind when looking for a DJ. “Does this person have our best interests at heart?” This might sound obvious, but it is your wedding and it should be about what you want. You have taken ridiculous pains to dig way deep into Etsy and Pinterest to make the big day look like you. You can totally make it sound like you, too!

Find someone who is going to appreciate your guilty music pleasures, someone who will throw in the genres that you won’t hear in your typical wedding reception. See if you connect with a DJ who embraces your emo or old-school hip-hop throwbacks and will mouth along to the words with you and your friends! Make sure you are working with a person who is responsive and actively taking in your feedback and adjusting their notes.

My biggest piece of advice is to enjoy the process! I also recommend selecting songs that speak to you as a couple. Use songs of significance to the two of you for your procession, recession, first dance, and entrance.

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