The Ultimate Thanksgiving Plannerimage source: Half Baked Harvest

In my opinion, Thanksgiving is the absolute best holiday! When you are surrounded by food, your closest family and friends, and a warm sense of gathering, it is easy to feel right at home especially if you are hosting! It is also the perfect time to showcase your family’s traditional recipes, whether a prize-winning pumpkin pie or a green bean casserole passed down from generation to generation.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is high time to start prepping and planning. If you are playing host, planning everything in advance will ensure that Thanksgiving will be smooth and stress-free. This year, I created the ultimate Thanksgiving planner to help you have the most memorable and successful Thanksgiving. Keep scrolling to download your free Thanksgiving planner, and you’re one step closer to hosting a fabulous feast.



Plan the menu. Select the dishes you have already tried and loved.

Decide whether you will serve fresh or frozen turkey. If you choose to serve a fresh turkey, order it now and arrange the delivery or pick it up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


Get organized by making your shopping and errands lists. Your first priority should be your grocery list. Make sure you include all the ingredients for your dishes to avoid last-minute visits to the grocery store.

Plan your table setting. Wash and iron your tablecloth and napkins if needed.

Make a sitting chart if you are going to host a large group of people. Make place cards for each guest.

Prepare your kitchen. Clean out the pantry and fridge to make room for groceries and dishes.

Clean your house.

Decorate your house. If you choose to use fresh flowers for your decoration, you should place your order with your florist and have them delivered or picked up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Read your recipes carefully and set a cooking plan. Choose which dishes need to go in the oven, at what temperature, and for how long.


Purchase all nonperishable groceries.

If you are cooking a frozen turkey, defrost the turkey.

Set the table. Don’t forget to place the candles in the votive holders or candelabra.

Decide on which sewing dish you will serve each dish and set them on the side.

Clean your cutlery and glasses.


Make the pie dough and refrigerate it.

Make the cranberry sauce and refrigerate it.

Cut the bread for stuffing into cubes and refrigerate it.


Chop the vegetables. Please place them in zip-lock bags and refrigerate them.

Finish your pies.

Peel the potatoes and store them in a bowl of water in the fridge.

Depending on the appetizers, you choose to serve, prep, or make them.

If you are cooking a fresh turkey, pick it up from the market.

Shop the remaining fresh groceries such as salad greens, bread, and seafood.

Prepare any side dish that can be made ahead.


Remove the turkey from the fridge in the morning, so it has time to come to room temperature.

Make the stuffing.

For dinner at 5 p.m., put the turkey in the oven at noon.

Reheat the cranberry sauce.

Make the mashed potatoes.

Make the appetizers.

Chill the wine and cocktails.

Have a fabulous time with your loved ones!