September Goals - Apple Pie

Happy September! Fun fact: when I was getting ready to write up this post, I titled it ‘July Goals’ so that is where I am at at the moment. Take me back… Well, summer passed by in a blur! I remember being on holiday and then here I am back home, sitting in my little desk and typing away… yikes! As always, let me give you a bit of a rundown of my September goals and what’s to come for me over the next few weeks.


01. Post daily on Shoegal Out In The World.

After spending the last couple of summer months posting three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I decided to get back to posting daily, Monday to Friday, on the blog. It is on the cards, starting this month! I took a semi-summer blog break to give myself some time to relax and spend time with my fiance and loved ones. I know I just need to organize myself and embrace the chaos, because truth be told there is no better time than right now!

02. Update my workspace.

While I was on vacation and browsing leisurely on Instagram I came across a carousel of images by Lily Pebbles’ home office. On one of these images, Lily showcases her laptop standing on a base on her desk. This sparked an idea to update my workspace. First things first, we are talking about a small desk area in our living room. However, I spend so many hours working there, that I believe it deserves an update. I have a few ideas and I am going to write a blog post with my plan as soon as I finalize it!

03. 30-day Instagram challenge.

If I am being honest, the last couple of months, I feel unmotivated to post on Instagram. The algorithm – I am sure you hear someone rant about it daily – has killed engagement and my motivation and creativity. However, having a blog means that you should at least try to be active on social media. Especially on Instagram. So, I made myself a little 30-day Instagram challenge, to post on the grid and stories daily for the month of September. I hope that this will give me the motivation to get back on the platform and share bits and pieces from day to day life.

04. Bake an apple pie!

I know that this goal might seem silly but every year around this time I want to make all things apple. However, I usually tend to not do so, getting busy with projects and life in general. So, by writing down and sharing it, I feel motivated to get in the kitchen and bake an apple pie from scratch. On my list, are also apple granola and a delicious recipe for apple muffins ?.

So these are my September goals! I am definitely getting more and more used to sharing so much with you gals! What’s new for you this month? Any updates or goals to share?