Pre-Party Haircare Routine

Get your hair party-ready following these THREE no-brainer steps.

01. Clarify

Think about how many products you put on your hair every day, add it up after a week and after a month- that’s a LOT of product. So whenever you think your hair is looking a bit sad, lifeless and maybe even greasy, that might be because of all the build-up of product on your hair.

That’s when the clarifying shampoo comes into the game. It gets rid of all the products and residue that are left over; your scalp is also in for a treat – any oil excess will be wiped away. These shampoos are powerful; so don’t use it more than once every two weeks (ideally once a month).

02. Repair

After a deep cleanse, make sure you have a good conditioner on hand so you can give your hair a new start! This is a non-negotiable step in the process.

The trick to making sure your hair fully gets all the benefits from this step is to use the conditioner as a mask. Leave the conditioner for 5  minutes while in the shower (the humidity in the shower will help to make your hair follicles open and therefore will absorb the product even more) – so just find an excuse to stay 5 more minutes in the shower. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

03. Hydrate

Last but not least, give some love and shine to your hair! Hair oil is always a good idea, whether it’s after a deep cleansing process or just after your regular shampoo, make sure you always finish the process with 2-3 drops of hair oil. When your hair is still damp, just before blow drying it, add drops of oil and repeat the process when dry.

That way you will have shiny, healthy and happy hair! A happy ending to a never-ending love story.