October Goals - Autumnal Flowers

Happy October! Well, it is officially the final quarter of 2018! I just thought to myself “but it feels like New Year was just a few months ago” and then realized I was picturing New Year 2018, so that is where I’m at right now.

I am feeling very reflective and motivated at the moment, but more of an anxiety-fueled motivation where everything I want to start seems too daunting so I am starting and stopping a million tasks!

Autumn is sort of like spring in a way, another chance of turning over a new leaf and the last push to make the year a success! I am definitely channeling this feeling as I make a few plans for myself, tie up some loose ends and overall just get myself in order. With no further delay here are my October goals.


01. Have an autumn refresh.

I have been trying to really declutter recently, not just my wardrobe (goodbye summer clothes) but my office and my laptop too. To be honest, I have let everything get away from me recently so I am having to play catchup and it is a bit of a long process.

I really want to get some rooms in our flat redecorated too, I seem to always get the itch to redecorate at this time of year! It is also when I am busiest with work and social plans though so I am not sure it is wise to upheave everything. I will probably still do it though.

02. A look back at my yearly goals.

I always set myself a bunch of goals at the beginning of the year, and a lot of them are what I like to call passive goals – I write them down and then let them happen (or not happen!) on their own. For example, there is a couple on my list that I have achieved without thinking about it, so occasionally I look back at the goals I have set myself so see how I am doing. I think it takes the pressure off, I sort of subconsciously work towards something without rrealizing

Anyway, I wanted to see if there is anything there I could work towards before the year is out. A lot of my goals are work-related and are definitely more long-term goals, but I am always trying to take small steps to focus on the bigger picture. There are a few big goals on my list that I definitely need to start working towards – wish me luck!

03. Plan some festive fun.

I love this time of year, it is just so cozy and exciting and I really want to embrace it for once. I am going to give our apartment a little autumn makeover, do more baking, maybe even get some Halloween events on the go! Even just typing this has got me in the mood to plan some themed posts for the coming months – this is the year I am a bit more on it!

I have already started switching up my wardrobe for the colder months ahead, and I have enjoyed being a bit more experimental with my clothes for autumn. Lots of long-sleeved dresses, classic coats, and brown everything!

I am usually so sad to say goodbye to summer, but waking up this morning and knowing I had a day at my desk to get through my to-do list whilst drinking a hot cup of coffee and wearing my comfies got me so ready for the colder months! What have you got coming up this month?