November Goals - Pumpkins

Happy November! The penultimate month of the year, and officially Christmastime in my book. Just kidding, I will hold off for possibly another week. Nonetheless, this month is set to be a good one. Anyone else feels like they don’t mind being super busy in the lead up to Christmas (sorry for the overuse of the C-word) because they know a break is coming?!

This month I have quite a mix going on; nights out with friends, a new work project, my own Christmas content planning, and even a little something exciting! Here’s what my November goals are while all this is going on!


01. Planning, planning, planning.

I am hoping to plan my time a bit better this month and I am still working on it. I am keeping busy as much as possible. But I still feel like I am only just keeping my head above the water! My goal is to get more done but even my basic planning/writing/shooting/editing/emails workload takes up more time, but hopefully, by chipping away at some of my bigger tasks, I will see some progress on my bigger goals before long!

02. Working on Christmas blog posts.

I really want to take my Christmas content to the next level this year, I always have so much fun working on lifestyle blog posts, recipes and interiors posts, as well as my gift guides! And as we are talking about gift guides, I will share twelve gift guides with you come November 1st and every Monday and Friday for the whole month of November and the first days of December.
I think I will take an entire week to work on some cute posts, so let me know if there is anything you would like to see. I love Christmas recipes so I am definitely going to be working on a few festive bites for you all, I usually get my mother to help me since cooking and baking are definitely her specialties.

03. Redecorating our bedroom.

I am really feeling a bit of a bedroom rework this month, I have been thinking about ways we can make it a bit more functional for a while now. We both need to make better use of our storage, and I think I am going to get rid of some boxes and re-use the space and then, who knows. Less staff, a tidier space, new sheets, new posters, here is hoping!

04. Something exciting.

Something else very exciting is going down this month, I don’t want to reveal too much and jinx it! It is been quite a while on my wish list and after much back and forth a few weeks back, my plans finalized!
Make sure you keep an eye out over on my Instagram Stories because I may post a few sneaky updates over there…

So that’s a little look at my month ahead! What’s going on with you guys? Any goals you’ve set yourself for November?