My Valentine's Day Favorites


Happy Valentine’s Day! I got an early start on Valentine’s Day this year mainly because I enjoy celebrating all the holidays so much, that I am more than ready to bring on another. And although I love creating new blog seasonal blog posts, I couldn’t resist the urge to revisit some of my Valentine’s Day favorites as well.

Rather than another gift guide, I thought it could be fun to round up some of my Valentine’s Day favorites from the past years on the blog to get you in the spirit too! Let’s get into it…

So far our plans are just dinner and a movie at home. I plan to make one of my favorite recipes, pasta carbonara, and my fiance will bring us dessert – something heart-shaped – as he does always does. We don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts – with some exceptions in between the years. However, this year I bought something small for him that I know he wanted to get for himself. I know, I will be getting flowers and dessert and I am already a happy gal!

I would love to hear your plans if you already have some! Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for reading, xoxo