May Goals - Peonies

Hello May! Last month went so quick I don’t think I actually registered it. Maybe I checked out for a bit… May is such a promising month, so close to summer and so much to look forward to! Let me give you a bit of a rundown on what’s to come for me over the next few weeks.

01. Our anniversary. It’s our eleventh anniversary on May 18th, if you’ll believe that. I really, truly cannot come to terms with it (it honestly feels like yesterday!), but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m really thinking about is a GIFT. I was thinking maybe a piece of jewelry, maybe a weekend away or just a nice dinner somewhere special… We will see!

02. My fiance’s birthday & name day. May is definitely a month full of celebrations for us and actually just a few days apart from one from another. On May 20th my fiance will celebrate a milestone birthday, turning 50 and the very next day he will celebrate his name day. He doesn’t want to make a fuss about his birthday but I want to make him a special cake for the day. I have already picked his present, something that I know he will really enjoy. Other than that, our celebrations will be low key but filled with love and warm wishes from friends and family.

03. Wedding week on the blog. Last year I launched Wedding Week on the blog to coincide with the Royal wedding of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I am launching Wedding Week this year as well since you all really loved it and I am excited! It will take place from Monday the 13th of May till Sunday the 19th of May. Every day I will post two wedding-related posts on the blog and will share them through my social media. I will cover as many topics as possible, from wedding fashion to beauty to where to honeymoon and more. If you have wedding-related topics that you want me to cover please leave a comment below!

04. Do something with my hair. I feel like I’ve had the same style and color for so long now, and I’m considering changing it up a little. Maybe lighter on the ends, with more of a shorter, blunter cut or maybe darker and keep the length. Maybe I’ll decide when I’m in the chair! A change of seasons usually means I do something different with my hair, so we’ll see.

So that’s May! I’m definitely getting more and more used to sharing so much with you gals! What’s new for you this month? Any updates or goals to share?