A Few Random Things About Me
Hello! I am doing something a little different for today’s blog post. I am sharing thirty-six random things about me to mark turning 36 at the beginning of the year. You have probably noticed that Instagram has a Q&A feature. I have been having so much fun reading and answering your questions which is kind of what prompted me to write this post. In general, random fun facts and Q&A’s are my favorite things to read (when others share) and to write. It takes me back to the days of those fun emails we’d receive in our inbox, always guaranteed to brighten up a regular workday.
So here go a few fun facts! If you have been following me for a long time, it is possible you may know some of these already, but hoping I am able to share something new.


  1. Being in my 30’s is so much better than I ever thought it would be.
  2. For those of you who are into astrology, I am a Capricorn (January 2nd birthday), with a Taurus rising and a Libra moon. My fiance is also a Taurus.
  3. The University of Macedonia is my alma mater. My brother was already studying medicine in Thessaloniki, so it was a no brainer for me which university I would attend.
  4. I studied international politics and economics.
  5. I took a very different career path than my parents. Both my father and mother were elementary teachers.
  6. I am not the most organized person. If you peeked inside one of my handbags, you would probably find random receipts scattered around, five different lipsticks, two pairs of sunglasses, a granola bar…
  7. If I could wear only one nail color for the rest of my life, it would be red.
  8. I have been wearing contacts for almost eighteen years. Getting the Lasix procedure isn’t on my list!
  9. French fries, of any kind, are one of my biggest weaknesses in the world. I have no self-control when they’re around.
  10. With that being said, I rarely eat it, but I love fast food.
  11. I am the worst morning person EVER. If I am forced to wake up early, I cannot have a proper conversation for at least an hour. Over ten years later, my fiance is still getting used to it.
  12. I have been in Athens, Greece for almost 12 years, but I actually grew up in Volos, Magnesia, Greece.
  13. I did not leave the country or have a passport until I was 21! Malta was the first place I visited.
  14. Italy is my favorite place to travel.
  15. It sounds weird, but I can’t really smile with a fully-opened mouth. It just feels so unnatural when I try!
  16. I have slight claustrophobia. I don’t freak out if there are a lot of people in my space, but more if my body is confined or my senses are restricted.
  17. My cocktails of choice: Above all, my drink of choice is red wine even though it isn’t considered a cocktail. Then, a Martini or a Cosmopolitan.
  18. I freak out if my hands or lips are dry.
  19. I have a thing for oversized scarves. The bigger the scarf the better!
  20. I only drink cold water. However, if I am at home, I’ll do warm water with lemon, especially first thing in the morning.
  21. When it comes to food, I’m the least picky person and I will try anything once.
  22. I love spicy food and I put sriracha and/or red pepper flakes on just about anything that calls for it.
  23. I hate any sort of depressing music and will rarely listen to it.
  24. My favorite shows of all time: West Wing, Sex & the City, Gilmore Girls, Friends, and The Sopranos.
  25. I have a piece of chocolate every single day. My current chocolate obsession is Tony Chocolonely!
  26. I have never owned a car and I don’t have a driving license.
  27. Green is my favorite color.
  28. I have an older brother. He is three years older than me. After years of fighting, we get along pretty well.
  29. My favorite movies of all time are My Best Friend’s Wedding, Good Will Hunting, Love Actually, & Prime. 
  30. I am the biggest baby when it comes to watching a sad show or movie. Cue the waterworks.
  31. I studied German but now I can’t speak a word!
  32. Pizza is my favorite food – followed closely by cheese.
  33. I love what I do, but could also picture myself re-entering the corporate world someday.
  34. I prefer fiction to non-fiction books. However, I really enjoy reading memoirs.
  35. I have very little family living in Athens. Most of my family lives in Volos, Magnesia.
  36. One of my biggest flaws is that I am terrible with time management. If someone tells me that they’re picking me up at 8:00 pm, I will be getting ready till 7:59 pm. If that person is early, I panic since I usually calculate my time until that very last minute.