December Goals - Christmas Decorations

The last month of the year…

HAPPY CHRISTMAS MONTH! I managed to hold the festivities in for as long as possible this year but as soon as December first hit, it was all advent calendars and Christmas films!
I love this time of year; my calendar is full, the shops are full of sequins and my birthday falls just after New Year’s Day.

It is set to be a bloody good month, so let me fill you in on what I have got going on…


01. Blog Updates.

I always, ALWAYS get the itch to work on the blog design at this time of year, and I hate myself for it! So much chaos. I am sure I have mentioned this by now, but around a year ago I went through the blog archives and updated some older blog posts. While working on them, I started wanting to make bigger changes to the design of the blog. It is one of those things that has really, really bothered me – and I want to make the changes before the New Year!
In order to do the updates properly, I put together a little plan of action. I will take a two-week break and put the blog in maintenance mode – meaning you won’t be able to visit the blog while I will be working on the backend. The blog will be in maintenance mode from the 25th of December till the 5th of January. On the 6th of January, a fresh design and content will be waiting for you. New Year, New Blog!

02. Birthday Fun.

My birthday is on the 2nd of January, which is an absolutely terrible date for a birthday but I don’t know any different really. I always joke that I only look forward to my birthday because of the New Year euphoria!
Anyway, when my fiance asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I said I wanted to spend it with my family, get pampered, drink wine by the fire and watch Christmas films, and then wake up and have the most extravagant cake for my birthday. It sounds like it is my 75th birthday… but isn’t that just the dream?!

03. Time off.

I think one of the reasons I love Christmas so much is because I actually get time off. I feel like no matter what I do, wherever I am, I am always doing a bit of work here and there.
Christmas gives me a proper break, and I don’t feel guilty for it either. No emails, no reason to leave the house. Bliss!

04. Traveling.

I am starting to think about travel plans for the coming year, which is always exciting! I have to plan trips around our regular summer weeklong vacation. So far I am thinking maybe a trip to a European city with my fiance for a few days in August, visit my family for Easter, a girls’ getaway with my mom in Europe and maybe a weekend in Crete to visit my best friend! I need to finalize my destinations and start looking for tickets.

So that’s my month ahead! Along with many social events and work commitments that will no doubt leave me absolutely done in by the middle of December.

So that is a little look at my month ahead! What is going on with you guys? Any goals you have set yourself for December?