The high street has gone full steam ahead on autumn wear.

There are two main fashion dilemmas at the moment. In one corner are those having to adopt some clever layering tricks to ensure their linen sundresses pass muster on a last-minute summer staycation. On the other side are those who are wondering whether they should turn their sartorial attention to autumn.

It has long been known that searches and sales of winter coats tend to pick up in September. And while we would have previously feigned outrage at the suggestion we take stock of our winter wardrobe as early as the summer, in all honesty, those early birds may be on to something.

It might seem premature for those still trying to eke out the last of the summer days in sandals, but there are actually several reasons why it makes sense to invest in your new winter coat now…

1. Your wardrobe will be ready when the winter weather begins

Autumn weather is notoriously temperamental and come the winter months we know to expect rain, sleet, snow – or even a spot of winter sun – at any given time. It is for that reason that having a chic new coat to hand is a good idea.

Should the forecast take a last-minute turn for the worst, you won’t need to panic about which knit and T-shirt combination will make your lightweight checked blazer winter-appropriate as you will already have your winter coat on deck.

2. The best ones sell out quickly

There are many downsides to constant newness on the high street. In the case of winter coats, it is that it could be a blink and you miss them situation.

Whether it is because they are so popular they sell through quickly, or that few were made in the first place as the brand planned to turn its efforts to other designs for later in the season, the moral of the fashion story is, if you spot a coat you really love, it is not worth the risk to leave it behind with a plan to come back later down the line.

3. You will shop smarter ahead of time

Should you have to dart about on your lunch break looking for a new winter coat as the forecast is predicting a dip in the mercury, chances are that you aren’t going to happen upon the dream coat that will see you through several winters. Instead, you might end up settling for whatever is left on the rails.

By getting in on the action early, you can make a considered decision. How well does a cherry red wool coat slot into your wardrobe? Does a belted coat work over the chunky knits you turn to? Which length works best with your go-to midi skirts? And should you go safe with a neutral camel, or make a statement in bright checks? Starting your search early gives you time to decide on the details.

4. You will get tons of wear out of it

Let’s say you invest in a mid-length, single-breasted navy wool number now. With the weather less than desirable in a number of corners around the world at the moment, there is a high chance you could slot it into the everyday rotation now, thus upping its cost-per-wear.

It will work with a grey sweatshirt, blue jeans, and white trainers for off-duty, and over a pale blue shirt, cropped trousers, and loafers for work.

Four of the best winter coats to buy now, and wear later

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