August Goals - On the Beach

Happy first day of August! Last night, we return from our summer vacation on the island of Kithira. I am typing this post while a mountain of laundry is waiting to be tackled. In a couple of days, we are packing our bags again. This time we are heading to my hometown, Volos, to spend a few weeks with my family. It was nice getting some downtime ahead of a busy Septemeber next month. In the meantime, let me give you a bit of a rundown on what’s to come for me over the next few weeks.

01. I get to spend some time with my family this month! It’s been since back in April when I last visited my family and spent the Easter holidays with them. Naturally, I am looking forward to spending two to three blissful weeks, getting pampered by my lovely mom. Saying that, I will have some time to just generally do a bit more life admin than I have been managing lately! Also, sleep.

02. Take some time out. Although I really want to get some photos, I also want to relax a little and take some time out for me. A trip away is always a good time to reflect and chill, so I expect I will have some internet-free days too. I will be stocking up on books to read while I’m away. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

03. Have some reflection time. I feel like this year has passed by in a bit of a blur, and I haven’t had much time to take it all in. It’s a weird feeling because I feel like, I have sort of grown into myself a lot. However I haven’t really had time to think about what that means for me. I guess I just want to spend some time doing my usual bits and bobs for a while, and just settling into normal life. I think my vacation in Kithira has definitely made me think about being more mindful, so that’s something I really want to work on!

04. Get back into my routines! I have definitely fallen a little behind with work etc. lately. I just want to catch up on five posts per week, be ahead with my blog posts and try and get through all this work that has piled up around me! Yay for feeling motivated!

So that’s August! I’m definitely getting more and more used to sharing so much with you gals! What’s new for you this month? Any updates or goals to share?