Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Mix Your Colors

It’s easy to become a victim of the latest wedding trend everyone is obsessing about every time you scroll through your favorite social media outlets. And, no bride wants to look back on her wedding photos and wonder, What was I thinking? Thankfully, 2018’s biggest wedding trends are beautiful and timeless.


Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Wedding Destination
Make It a Vacation

A wedding trend for 2018 is couples forgoing the traditional one-day wedding for many guests in favor of a multi-day destination wedding for a very small, intimate group of family and friends. Emphasis is given on a less is more approach. Ultimately the destination sets the stage for the couple’s big day.

Intimate Guest List

More and more couples are opting to keep their guests list intimate. This way they are saving money and making the day more special for everyone. A reception for 40 guests can allow the couple more time with each guest and maximize the use of their budget.

Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Intimate Guest List

Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Choose a Classic Cake Flavor
Choose a Classic Cake Flavor

The number of guests who enjoys unique flavors such as Mexican hot chocolate, passion fruit or lemon-thyme, is usually small. It’s time to retire exotic cake flavors. Instead, you can opt for the more traditional and equally delicious vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet cakes. You can always personalize it with a special design.

Mix Your Colors
Bright colors and color mixing- neutral floral isn’t the only option anymore. You can opt for bright vibrant colors mixed together, even in traditional venues, for a tastefully rainbow of colors wedding decor.
Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Mix Your Colors

Five 2018 Wedding Trends - Custom Embroidery
Custom Embroidery
Whether it’s making your guests feel special with their own personalized embroidered dinner napkin, delicate embroidery on your invitations, or even embroidered table linens complimenting your chinaware, embroidery is an elegant and fun way to add something special.